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                                 APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE HERE  
2017-18 Post-Graduate Scholarship Application.pdf

Send application and supporting materials no later than FEBRUARY 20, 2017

Please consider providing a Yankton College scholarship application
to eligible students in your family or circle of friends.  
A connection to YC is valuable criteria to the application procedure.
Yankton College staff will assist applicants towards a YC connection.  
Download an application online or pick one up at the Yankton College office
and share with those seeking scholarship opportunities.


         Awards to 2017 graduating high school seniors -

The Charles A. Alseth Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Bennett-Walter Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Class of 1966 Dream Alive Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Class of 1962 Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Brown-Daniels Scholarship (2) $1,000 each

The Rev. Dr. Donald B. Ward Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Mary & Glenn Jensen Scholarship (3) $1,000 each

The Hod & Anita Nielsen Memorial Scholarship (1) $500

The Rivola Family Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Rosemond Burgie Hall Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Isabel-Reedy Sattler Scholarship (1) $1,000

The Carl & Cle Youngworth Scholarship (2) $1,000 each


Awards to post-graduate students -

he Bement Scholarship (2) $1,000 each

The Dr. F.A. Brink Scholarship (2) $1,000 each

The Dr. Richard G. Sherman Scholarship (1) $1,000

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A HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 began with really great news of reaching the 50K Match Challenge!  As promised, a check written for $50,000.00 arrived from our bighearted donor who wishes to remain anonymous once it was realized that the dollar for dollar “Match” was met.    

It was an exultant moment when the final envelopes arrived containing contributions from loyal donors that brought the Challenge “over the top,” resulting in a magnificent total.

$  50,000.00   Anonymous Donation

$  54,421.36   Matching Donations

$104,421.36   TOTAL

A public thank you goes to the anonymous donor, a YC graduate, for the immense generosity and brilliant approach of involving more alums as YC stakeholders.

The YTD Legacy Campaign totals are:
Amount Pledged and Received  $463,737.47
Amount Pledged                       $100,138.64
Amount Received                      $363,598.83

This brings us over halfway to reaching the $750,000 goal. Yankton College could not be more appreciative and thankful to all of you.  


Graduating high school seniors and post–grad students who are college bound during the 2017-18 academic year are encouraged to apply for a Yankton College scholarship to use at an accredited college or university.  Each spring the Yankton College Scholarship Program awards several $1,000 scholarships from endowed funds to deserving high school seniors and post-graduate students with a Yankton College connection, academic merit and other specific criteria, established by the Yankton College Scholarship Committee.

Eligible students have until the February 20, 2017 dead-line to submit an application. Applications are available online 2017-18 General Scholarship Application.pdf and 2017-18 Post-Graduate Scholarship Application.pdf or to pick up at the Yankton College office located at 1801 Summit St., Door #9, at the north-end of the Summit Activities Center in Yankton, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Goals of the Yankton College Scholarship Program are to perpetuate the Yankton College tradition of liberal arts in higher education; support deserving young persons who have shown outstanding promise; apply discretionary funds to a higher function and promote the memory and reputation of Yankton College. 

The endowed Yankton College scholarships come from the kindness and generosity of the YC alumni and friends who are inspired by the positive influences of Yankton College.  

For further information contact Yankton College, by phoning toll-free (866) 665-3661.