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2019 - 2020 Scholarship Applications
Now Available
2019-20 General Scholarship Application.pdf

2019-20 Post-Graduate Scholarship Application.pdf


   Scholarship opportunities are available within the Yankton College Scholarship Program for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year.  Worthy graduating seniors and post-graduate students whose applications rank the highest points will YC scholarships from their scholastic merit, writing skills and most importantly having, either:  a) a family relationship to Yankton College alumni, former faculty or staff; or b) a family friend, teacher, pastor or other person with a connection to Yankton College to recommend the applicant.

   The Yankton College Scholarship Program awards two types of scholarships, general and post-graduate, to deserving students to use at an accredited college or university.  The goals of the program are to perpetuate the College tradition of liberal arts in higher education, support deserving young persons who have shown outstanding promise, apply discretionary funds to a higher function and promote the memory and reputation of Yankton College. 

    Applications may be downloaded or picked up at the Yankton College office or Yankton High School; both are located at 1801 Summit St.

   The general and post-graduate applications are due February 22, 2019 then in March reviewed and ranked from blinded applications (names and contact information are blacked out and not revealed during the review process).  The scholarship recipients are notified by May and the scholarship funds are dispersed by August, unless notified otherwise. 

  The named-scholarships are endowed from the kindness of Yankton College alumni or their family members in memory or in honor of individuals or a group inspired by the positive influences of Yankton College.

   For more information on Yankton College scholarships, contact Yankton College at (605) 665-3661, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.     

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September 6, 2018

Members of the Yankton College Alumni Advisory Board will meet in Yankton, Saturday, September 15, for their second annual two-hour meeting to discuss routine matters and other business, old and new.  

The primary purpose of the Alumni Advisory Board is to foster alumni relations.  The AAB current motto
“As We Are Fewer More Needs To Be Done” has been heading each agenda as the group organizes college reunions, locally and regionally, honors and recognizes its alumni’s career and college achievements, and encourages giving towards the future of Yankton College. 

According to the AAB Nominating Committee, besides term renewals for seven members, there will be two nominees presented during the election of officers to fill the Chair and Secretary positions because of two resignations effective this fall.  According to Yankton resident, Ron Bertsch, who has chaired the AAB since April 2011, “It is time to pass the baton when there are those willing to take it and lead the way.”  Marian Danforth-White, El Segundo, California, will step down as the secretary, who has dutifully taken the meeting minutes since _____ .   

The main business during the morning meeting will deal with reviewing the 2018 All-Class Reunion held in Yankton this summer, July 19-21. The AAB Reunion Committee, led by David Welch, Sioux Falls, will provide an overview of the attendance, fiscal accountability and other details of the event since the AAB act as the official “hosts” of all YC reunions.  There will also be reports from the Awards Committee by Sue Notheis-Kemnitz, from Platte and the Giving Committee by Gary Ward, from Centerville. 

Planning will also begin for the next regional reunion to be held in Omaha in 2019 when those YC residents from eastern Nebraska and western Iowa will be invited.  

A progress report will be given by the Chair of the YC Board of Trustees, Joan Neubauer, on the newest YC venture: the establishment of the Yankton College Alumni and Educational Center in partnership with the Dakota Territorial Museum at the historic Mead building located north of Yankton.  

For more information on Yankton College, visit or phone (605) 665-3661.

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2020 All-Class Reunion
Mark Your Calendars 
 July 16-18, 2020


  Hail! Yankton College!

Hail! Yankton College!
Noble and strong;
To thee, with loyal hearts
We raise our song;
Swelling to heaven loud,
Our praises ring!
Hail! Yankton College!
To thee we sing.

Hail! Yankton College!
Guide of our youth;
Lead thou thy children on
To light and truth;
Thee, when  death summons us
Others will praise!
Hail! Yankton College!
Through endless days. 

Yankton College re-affirms its proud heritage by looking to the future 
to find new ways to further its support of a liberal arts philosophy; 
to develop moral and ethical character and the whole person; 
to support individuals to be successful in their chosen careers; 
and to instill the attitude that education is a life-long process.