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Wishing Our YC Family
Happy Holidays 
from the 
Board of Trustees
Alumni Advisory Board & Staff

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2020 All-Class Reunion
Mark Your Calendars 
 July 16-18, 2020
Yankton, South Dakota


 Setting the tempo and shaping the sound of 115 orchestra students was be the primary goal of guest conductor, Dr. Peter J. Folliard, at the eighteenth annual Yankton College & Yankton High School Orchestra Festival held Tuesday, November 12 in Yankton. The ensemble of high school students from South Dakota and Nebraska played together at the day-long practicum; the musical compositions that were rehearsed during the day between the guest conductor and his students ended with an evening repertoire at 7:00 p.m. in the Yankton High School Theater that was open to the public and free of charge.  Photo left: Kelly Hertz/P&D

The annual orchestra workshop is financially supported by Yankton College, a non-profit charitable organization as part of its mission to sponsor educational programming and liberal arts events.

The inspiration for the annual event stems from several well-known Yankton College orchestra leaders who taught hundreds of students at Yankton College and within the Yankton Public School district. Here are a few pictured here:
L to r: J. Laiten Weed, David Elder, Lewis Hamvas, Leona Marek and Stanley Rishoi.


For more information on Yankton College, phone the business office at (605) 665-3661.

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Download a Yankton College Scholarship Application online: 

2020-21 General Scholarship Application.pdf 

  Application Deadline:  February 21, 2020

    The Yankton College Scholarship Program provides scholarship opportunities to deserving high school seniors and post-grad students.  Those who apply must plan on attending an accredited college or university.  

   Consider providing the means of a Yankton College scholarship application to eligible students in your circle of friends or family who could use the financial assistance.  Eligible students are encouraged to apply by submitting an application no later the February 21, 2020 deadline.  Applicants must, either, have: 1) a family relationship to Yankton College alumni, former faculty or staff; or 2) a family friend, teacher, or a United Church of Christ pastor with a connection to Yankton College recommend an applicant, or 3) be a Yankton College graduate, former student, faculty or staff.  A connection to Yankton College is valuable criteria to the application procedure and the YC staff are eager to assist with finding a connection.  

   Scholarship funding comes from the kindness and generosity of Yankton College alumni and friends who are inspired by the positive influences of Yankton College and its programs.  Goals of the Yankton College Scholarship Program are to perpetuate the Yankton College tradition of liberal arts in higher education; support deserving young persons who have shown outstanding promise; apply discretionary funds to a higher function and promote the memory and reputation of Yankton College. 

   Download an application online. Or, pick one up at the Yankton College business office at 1801 Summit St., Door #9, in Yankton and share with those seeking scholarship opportunities. The Yankton College office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  For further information, contact Yankton College, by phoning toll-free (866) 665-3661.

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Meet the

Left: the Board of Trustees pictured here are: Sandra (McTavish '70) Gross, Vice-Chair Joan Neubauer, Bill Bobzin '65, Vicki (Wilken '79) Lehrman, Pete O'Toole '71, Chair Lee Gass, Virgil Andersen '65, Dawn Jones '81, Glenn Clark '84,President Joseph Ward, Monte Farnsworth '76 and Ted Powell '78. BOT members not pictured: Samantha Houser (UCC), Dennis Lokken '69, Rand Schuft x'66 and Andy Youngworth x'81.   

Right: members of the Alumni Advisory Board pictured are: Sandra (MacTavish '71) Gross, Gary Ward '71, Marian Danforth-White '71, Paul Rehfuss '61, Allen Koliner '74, Becky (Gowery '80) Huser, Secretary, Cindy (Meyer '65) Filips, Pete O'Toole '71, Chair, Sue (Notheis '79) Kemnitz, Virgil Andersen '65, Vice-Chair, David Welch '69, Doug Paterson '68, Bruce Blankley '72 and Warren Peterson '63. AAB members not pictured: Ron Bertsch '65, Rick Evans '75, Dennis Lokken '69, Fred McGrath '75, Peg Vranesh '76) Michael, George Schermerhorn '74, Rand Schuft 'x66, Dennis Steffen '85 and  Andy Youngworth x'81.

  Boards Met In September - Focus on the Future of YC

It was Yankton College at its finest last month, September 21, as the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Advisory Board met for their annual fall meetings at the Summit Activities Center in Yankton.  YC Board Chair, Dr. Joan (Bunnell '57) Neubauer was honored with a Resolution read aloud by Yankton College President Joe Ward '66 for her many years of service as Board Chair since 1998 and declaring her Board Chair Emeritus. During the course of the afternoon BOT meeting, Neubauer with pride and confidence passed the Board gavel to incoming Board Chair, Lee Gass '80 from Yankton, who enthusiastically accepted the honor and ensuing College endeavors.

For both meetings, YC Executive Director, Jan Garrity prepared 24 Board packets containing agendas, financial and committee reports and some very preliminary furnishing designs of the future home of Yankton College located on the top floor of the historic Mead Cultural Education Center, which both Boards toured after a catered “box lunch.”

During the morning hours, the majority of AAB members were present while three attended via teleconference call and another three had excused absences. Agenda items included regular Board business and also: the Omaha Regional Reunion that is on track for Saturday, October 19, 2019, 1-5 p.m. at the Howlin’ Hounds Coffee Shop, 712 S. 16th St. near the Old Market area of Omaha and the future plans of the 2020 All-Class Reunion, 2020 Vision - See Clearly Now set for July 16-18, 2020; the 2020 Alumni and Pro Causa Awards confirmations and additional nominations; the idea of a commemorative silver coin featuring the College Seal as a future fundraiser and College keepsake and finally, there was a recommendation for developing a Yankton College alumni photo gallery accessing assorted college-related photos on the YC website, social media and possibly a future kiosk in the new location with the aid of software.  

The two and a half hour meeting adjourned at noon. The next AAB meeting is April, 2020, date TBD.

In the afternoon at the SAC conference room, after the Pledge of Allegiance and an opening prayer, the regular Board of Trustees meeting convened and began with normal Board business. Then focusing on the legacy and sustaining the future of Yankton College as an educational institution, the BOT discussed the rationale of an arrangement with the Yankton School District that has been essentially endorsed by Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Kindle and Mead’s Executive Director, Crystal Nelson, that will allow Yankton College to sponsor the busing of selected local school students (at a particular grade level) on field trips to tour the Mead Cultural Education Center and the (future) Yankton College Alumni & Education Center.  In addition, a report was given on the progress of the “Design Phase” fundraising campaign - the “homestretch” for raising funds to provide the exhibit furnishings at the YCAEC. 

The next YC Board of Trustees meeting will be held during the 2020 All-Class Reunion next summer before the weekend’s activities begin.  For more information on Yankton College, its Design Phase Fundraising Campaign or alumni events, phone (605) 665-3661 or visit www.yanktoncollege.org. 




  Hail! Yankton College!

Hail! Yankton College!
Noble and strong;
To thee, with loyal hearts
We raise our song;
Swelling to heaven loud,
Our praises ring!
Hail! Yankton College!
To thee we sing.

Hail! Yankton College!
Guide of our youth;
Lead thou thy children on
To light and truth;
Thee, when  death summons us
Others will praise!
Hail! Yankton College!
Through endless days. 

Yankton College re-affirms its proud heritage by looking to the future 
to find new ways to further its support of a liberal arts philosophy; 
to develop moral and ethical character and the whole person; 
to support individuals to be successful in their chosen careers; 
and to instill the attitude that education is a life-long process.