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To tell the Yankton College story

1930's Glee Club 
  1940's Cadets 


1950's Howling 30's 
1960's Kronithonitollitron
Yankton College is on a long path to preserving its 103 year-old collection of artifacts and historical documents. The Yankton College Board of Trustees has shown its support for the College preservation by forming a Legacy Committee designed to plan for the future of Yankton College, which includes preservation and storage of College artifacts and historical documents.

To learn about preservation practices, Yankton College staff and volunteers are participating in collection care workshops sponsored by the South Dakota State Historical Society  and the Association of South Dakota Museums  

We welcome college memorabilia that you find and may not want!  The college artifacts once belonging to the school, faculty or its many students are archived by the staff for research purposes. YC acquisitions go through the appropriate measures towards the permanent care of the historical treasures that are deemed worthy and significant to telling the story of Yankton College.

Yankton College has a large collection of paper archives, photographs, memorabilia and other college artifacts that are on display and/or are available to the public for research. 


Yankton College Okihe & Greyhound Yearbooks
1911 - 1985

The Yankton Student
1885 - 1985; Bound and Unbound
Yankton College Catalogs 
1883 - 1983; Bound & Unbound

Yankton College Alumni BULLETIN
1901 - Present; Unbound 

1915 - 1939; Bound 

Yankton College Commencement & Convocation Programs 
Over 100 years worth!

Yankton College History Books 
Yankton College - A Historical Sketch By William J. McMurtry; Published in 1907
Joseph Ward of Dakota By George Harrison Durand; Published in 1913
Yankton College: The Continuing Story By Robert F. Karolevitz;  Published in 2003

Student Scrapbooks 
Personal collections of YC momentos. 
1881-1984, Conservatory. Athletics. Drama. Public Relations.
        Event Posters and Programs 
         Theater. Music. Athletic. Student organizations and more.

  Ward History
  Items pertaining to Rev. Dr. Joseph Ward and his descendants. 
  Collected by Yankton College or donated by the Ward family.  
  Artifacts include: Documents. Letters. Journals. Portraits. Photos. 
  Dinner Service. Bibles.Furniture.
   Athletic Memorabilia
   Trophies, awards, medals, garments, misc for: Track & Cross-Country,
Football, Basketball, 
Baseball and Tennis.   
   Faculty. Students. Presidents. Buildings. Events.

Miss Pioneer (hand-sewn) dresses with matching bonnets. 
Greyhound athletic wear. Vintage t-shirts.Y-Club leather jackets. 
Music Conservatory Jackets. Howling 30 Sweaters. Caps. 
Freshman orientation beanies. Doctoral hoods and graduation gowns. 
Sarah Wood Ward garments. Pennants. Blankets and much more.

For more information, contact the Yankton College business office toll-free (866) 665-3661.
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