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"Protecting the health of our alums"

Due to the Threat of
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

July 15-17, 2021
Yankton, SD

The threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected Yankton College, its alumni and the plans to host the 2020 All-Class Reunion, July 16 -18, 2020 in Yankton.    

Last Friday, the Alumni Advisory Board voted to postpone the Yankton College 2020 All-Class Reunion to 2021 and submitted their recommendation for immediate action by the Yankton College Board of Trustees. A majority vote was cast to support the AAB’s recommendation. 

As AAB Chair Peter O'Toole ’71, Fayetteville, NC, put it, "with the drastic actions being taken both world-wide and internal to the United States, and in an effort to prevent or limit exposure to the Coronavirus, I feel that drastic measures should be considered for the upcoming Yankton College 2020 All-Class Reunion in July."

“This is not an easy decision that they have made, but in light of the ever-increasing threats that the COVID-19 coronavirus presents, it is a reasonable one,” said Lee Gass ‘80, Chair of the BOT, from Yankton.

Before the AAB voted to postpone, Gass spent time researching two large and complex documents on mass gatherings and planning for them in light of this situation.  The message seemed clear, “protecting the health of our alums."

   The dates for the 2021 All-Class Reunion have been secured for you to put on the calendar: July 15, 16 and 17 2021.  
Plans that were made for this summer will automatically move ahead to the next summer.

Contact these lodging accommodations to cancel 2020 reservations:
Best Western Kelly Inn (605) 665-2906
Holiday Inn Express (605) 665-3177
Econo Lodge (6050 689-3400

The Yankton College staff is safe while working daily through the week at the Yankton College office housed in the common-use facility that is shared with Yankton High School and the City of Yankton’s Summit Activities Center because there is no school and no activities in the building.  There is a skeleton crew working within the facility to handle the necessary business.  YC staff is virtually alone at the one end of the building which is a blessing during this time of social distancing.  YC volunteers have been told to remain home where they are safe.  Please contact the Yankton College if you have a question, need information, say hello or wish to check in with us by phoning (866) 665-3661.


Deserving Yankton College alumni, our greatest treasures, are selected and honored for their outstanding college and career achievements. Each of the following will accept their recognition at the 2021 All - Class Reunion next July during the Greyhound Great program on Friday and during the luncheons and evening ceremony on Saturday. 

Awardees should watch for a letter from Yankton College's Y-Club, the Humanities Hall of Honor Selection Committee and the Alumni Advisory Board's Award Selection Committee for more details
The intent of Yankton College was to provide a quality liberal arts education to produce distinguished 
leadership and a desire to accomplish great things. The following individuals went on to lead successful lives filled with responsibility and wisdom in art, education, history, ministry, music and athletics.  They have inspired and shaped lives, given back to their communities and left a legacy.

Congratulations to the following awardees: 

For outstanding contributions in their chosen field of endeavor.
  • Sydney Beane '64, Minneapolis, MN
  • James Tinsley '68, Lenexa, KS
For significant service to Yankton College.
  • Jerry Handfield '66, San Diego, CA
  • Don 'Murdo’ Edwards '74, Yankton, SD    
For a non-alum’s significant contribution to Yankton College.
  • Phyllis Karolevitz, Yankton, SD
  • Yankton School District,  accepted by Superintendent Dr. Wayne Kindle, Yankton, SD
For their commitment to excellence and to the ideals of Yankton College.
  • Beverly (Lawrence x'53) Huckins, Pierre, SD
  • Deb (Krebs '78) Patterson, Salem, OR
  • Stephen Patterson '81, Salem, OR
  • Carla Bates '84, Minneapolis, MN
  • Robert Molina '85, White Plains, NY
  • Roger Twist '62, St. Louis, MO
  • Bonnie Thompson '82, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Jean (Bader '84) McLaury, Elk Point, SD
  • Lorri (Gage x'86) Ingersoll, Ilion, NY
  • Faye Manning '83, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Dawn (Thomas '78) Kerrigan, Merrimack, NH
  • Patty (Guerechit x'86) Farley, Glide, OR
  • Gregg Stewart, '72, Yankton, SD
  • Ron O'Neil '68, West Long Branch, NJ
  • Dave Jones '65, McKenna, WA
  • John Huges '66, Ankeny, IA
  • Doug Cummings '73, Minneapolis, MN
  • Pat Jennings x'86, Sergeant Bluff, IA
  • Jay Zurawski '83, Saint John, IN
  • Joe Cramer '67, Grandville, MI
  • Joe McIver '67, Austell, GA
  • Glenn Halverson, '63, Posthumously
For their outstanding college and career athletic achievements.
  • Gary Mims '69, Massapequa Park, NY
  • Joe Sendejar '72, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Roger Thompson '72, Yankton, SD
  • Bruce Johnson '78, Spokane, WA
  • Larry Savo '81, Hudson, FL
  • Michael Glover x'84, Chicago, IL
  • The 1982 Football Team* (Names below)
Your support keeps the spirit of the Greyhounds alive!
  • Dave Downey '69, Littleton, CO
  • Charlie Schnabel '70, Brookings, SD 
Your loyalty and devotion kept the spirit of the Greyhounds alive.   
  • Mark Acquaotta '77, Windsor Locks, CT
Your loyalty and devotion kept the spirit of the Greyhounds alive. 
  • Bob Tereshinski '68, Yankton, SD

Brian Onken x’84, Ft. Calhoun, NE
Bill Terry ’84, Southfield, MI
John ‘Jay’ Zurwaski ’84, St. John, IN
Kurt Drezek x’86, Milwaukee, WI
Craig Hilgendorf x’85, Comanche, IA
Tim Adams x’86, Colorado Springs, CO
Brad Williams '82, Greeley, NE
Todd Bertsch ’84, Billings, MT
Mike Felker x’86, Paducah, KY
Frank Leonard x’86, Hazlet, NJ
Tim Nelson x’86, Garretson, SD
Rich Loseke x’86, Hailey, ID
Pat Jennings x’86, Sergeant Bluff, IA
Ron Mitchell x’85 LOST
Chris Weiner x’86, Shirley, NY
Todd Buchanan x’86, Columbus, OH
Tracy Ousley x’85 LOST
Mark Will x’85, Eden Prairie, MN
Darryl James x’84, Bronx, NY
Jamie Wright x’86 LOST
Tony Brown ‘86 LOST
Bert Renelique x’86, Katy, TX
Rich Bisaccia x’84, Newberry, FL
Todd Hoesly x’86, Brodhead, WI
Tyrone Munn x’84, Deer Park, NY
Bill Papp x’86, Boston, MA
Lionel Garnes x’86 LOST
Brian Crozier, x’86, Syracuse, NY
Al Burnett ’84, Arlington, VA
John Targonski ’85, Coral Springs, FL
Kelly Powers ‘x85, Mondovi, WI
Mike Welter ’85, Yankton, SD
Rob Tolnai x’86, Kansas City, MO
Myles Jones x’86, Omaha, NE
Phil Vitakis ’84, Aberdeen, MD
L.C. Liddell x’85, Kansas City, MO
Chris Sauberan ’85, Stockbridge, GA
Dennis Steffen ’85, Noble, OK
Mike Orlando x’86, Selden, NY
Ruben Mendoza x’86 LOST
Jeff Rose ’83, Hines, OR
Terry Moore x’86 LOST
Troy Davis x’86 LOST
Sean Butcher x’86 LOST
Ken Olszewski ’85, Chesterton, IN
Wayne O’Harrow ’85, Richton Park, IL
Ray Hooker x’86, Milwaukee, WI
Bryan Youngberg x’85, Yankton, SD
Craig Givens ’84, Sioux City, IA
Bill Grosse x’86, Jefferson Station, NY

Brent Tischer LOST
Andy Youngworth x’81, Carthage, MO
Gerald Keown ’83, Anchorage, AK
Lee Youster ’83, Oak Harbor, OH
Pete Chapman DECEASED
Chuck Hatfield ’75 DECEASED
Michael Breske (Manager) LOST

These are individuals who have not had contact with Yankton College or are not on the YC mailing list.  If you are in contact with these alums, please pass on the news of their induction, or contact the Yankton College office with current information of their whereabouts.  

Also an invitation has been extended to the members of the 1962-1963 and 1968-1969 Greyhound Basketball Teams to return to Yankton during the All-Class Reunion and reminisce about their days on the Greyhound basketball court!


  Hail! Yankton College!

Hail! Yankton College!
Noble and strong;
To thee, with loyal hearts
We raise our song;
Swelling to heaven loud,
Our praises ring!
Hail! Yankton College!
To thee we sing.

Hail! Yankton College!
Guide of our youth;
Lead thou thy children on
To light and truth;
Thee, when  death summons us
Others will praise!
Hail! Yankton College!
Through endless days. 

Yankton College re-affirms its proud heritage by looking to the future 
to find new ways to further its support of a liberal arts philosophy; 
to develop moral and ethical character and the whole person; 
to support individuals to be successful in their chosen careers; 
and to instill the attitude that education is a life-long process.