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What It Is

The Yankton College Scholarship Program awards two types of scholarships,  general and post-graduate, to deserving students each academic year to use at an accredited college or university.

To receive the financial aid, applications are due in February, then reviewed and ranked on the basis of merit and criteria from blinded applications in March.  The recipients recieve the scholarship awards in May and the scholarship funds are dispersed in August, unless notified otherwise.

Who Is Eligible

Applicants must:

a) have a family relationship to Yankton College alumni, former faculty or staff; or

b) have a family friend, teacher or pastor with a connection to Yankton College may recommend the applicant

c) be a graduate, former student, faculty of staff

General Scholarship Endowments

These are awarded to high school seniors and selected by the Yankton College Scholarship Committee with the exception of the Rev. Dr. Donald B. Ward Scholarship and the Isabel Reedy-Sattler Scholarship.  These scholarships are awarded only to Yankton High School graduating seniors and are chosen by the Yankton High School Scholarship Committee.

2018-19 General Scholarship Application.pdf

The Charles A. Alseth Scholarship - $1,000
Two scholarships are annually awarded from a gift perpetually endowed in memory of Charles A. Alseth ’41 for his life-long devotion to Yankton College. Following the same educational path as many in his family, Alseth chose to earn a degree from Yankton College like his father, an aunt, a sister and a brother did before him.  
Established in 2012.   

The Eva C. & Dale M. Andersen Family Scholarship - $1,000
Endowed in their memory by the couple's two children, Myrna Andersen '63 and Virgil Andersen '65.  The Andersen family wishes to offer the annual scholarship opportunity to individuals who "might slip through the cracks" of the financial aid process and be blocked from achieving a meaningful lifetime career.  Established 2017.

The Bennett/Walter Scholarship - $1,000
Endowed by Louise Davis Bennett-Walter in memory of her two husbands.  Millard Bennett ‘37, while serving as a flight instructor at the U.S. Naval Station in FL, was killed on a training flight.  Later, she met and married Donald E. Walter ‘39.  Mrs. Walter, a former YC Miss Pioneer, remarked that both Millard and Donald (who were first cousins and good friends) exemplified the good values encouraged throughout their years at Yankton College and it seemed appropriate to name the scholarship in honor of both of them. Established in 2000.

The Brown-Daniels Scholarship - $1,000 
In recognition of the significant endowment provided over the years to Yankton College by Helen (Brown ‘34) Daniels and Bernard T. Daniels ’35 in honor of their parents:  Matthew ’09 (who went on to become a Rhodes Scholar) & Olive Gerald Brown and Israel x’12 & Emma Daniels.  Their relationships to the College between them all “run long and deep.” Established in 1990.

The Rosamond Burgi-Hall Scholarship-$1,000 
Given in recognition of Rosamond Burgi-Hall for her many years of service to Yankton College as a superior foreign language teacher and scholar. This scholarship is awarded to a student with a proven aptitude in one or more foreign languages.
The Class of 1962 Scholarship-$1,000 

Leading up to their 50th class reunion in 2012 the Yankton College Class of 1962 expressed their support of higher education by establishing a scholarship in perpetuity under the leadership of Carol (Kasulka ’62) Boos.  Classmates responded generously when Boos asked for their support, “Imagine the excitement of receiving a scholarship. The scholarship money would open the door to an education.”  Established in 2012.

The Mary & Glenn Jensen Scholarship-$1,000 

This scholarship is given by Dr. Glenn Jensen ’36 in memory of his wife, Mary Lucille (Mitchell Ed’36) Jensen honoring their relationship that began at Yankton College that continued for seventy-five years in marriage. Glenn and Mary met each other while attending Yankton College.  They both graduated from there in 1936 with degrees in Education and were married in Yankton, SD on August 2, that same year.  Both have been supporters of education and life-time learners.  Established in 2011.

The Hod & Anita Nielsen Memorial Scholarship-$500

This scholarship is given in memory of Howard “Hod” Nielsen and Anita Nielsen, respected life-long community members of Yankton, graduates of Yankton High School and supporters of Yankton College.  Anita (O’Reilly ‘41) Nielsen was an accomplished pianist.  Hod was the KYNT Radio Voice and sports editor for the Yankton Press & Dakotan accounting for many local games and tournaments of Yankton College and Yankton High School athletic teams.  Established in 2014.

The Rivola Family Scholarship-$1,000 

Endowed by Robert S. Rivola “in respect” to his family members who attended the College:  mother, Flora (Shufelt ‘39) Rivola (who called herself a “perennial student”) and his sisters, Glennys (Rivola ‘29) Heiner and Helen (Rivola ‘32) Fawcett.  Robert’s father, Charles, “carried the mail” daily to Yankton College as a postal worker for the USPS. Established in 2000.    

The Isabel Reedy-Sattler Scholarship-$1,000 

This scholarship is awarded in keeping with the intellectual, educational, and spiritual legacy of the Isabel Reedy-Sattler, a Yankton College graduate, Board of Trustee and recipient of the YC Honorary Doctorate of Humanities.  Isabel graduated with honors from Yankton College in 1940. During her Yankton College years, she was a leader in their renowned speech and debate program.  Those communication skills were the foundation for her many contributions to civic life at local, regional and national levels of government and to non-profit organizations.  This scholarship goes specifically to a Yankton High School senior every two years ending in odd numbers and is selected by the YHS Scholarship Committee.  Established in 2006.

The Rev. Dr. Donald B. Ward Scholarship-$1,000 

This scholarship is granted by the Ward family in memory of Reverend Dr. Donald B. Ward, the eighth president of Yankton College serving from 1962 - 70 who recalled those years as a “glorious chapter in my life.”  This scholarship is awarded in keeping with the intellectual, educational and spiritual legacy of  Rev. Dr. Ward, the great grandson of Joseph Ward, the founder of Yankton College.  This scholarship goes specifically to a Yankton High School senior every two years ending in odd numbers and is selected by the YHS Scholarship Committee.  Established in 1995.

The Carl and Cle Youngworth Scholarship-$1,000 

Endowed in memory of Cle (Heck ‘28) and Carl Youngworth ‘19 for their legacy at Yankton College.  Carl began his years at Yankton College as a student-athlete and went on to become teacher-coach.  He met Cle while she attended Yankton College and married her spending 67 years of marriage together. They both made significant contributions to the College where they devoted themselves to generations of students and athletes.  Established in 1990.

Post-Graduate Scholarships Endowments

These are awarded to post-graduate students and selected by the Yankton College Scholarship Committee. 

2018-19 Post-grad scholarship application.pdf

The Bement Scholarship - $1,000

This scholarship was established by Betty & Richard Eis in appreciation of the college education that sisters Betty (Irma Elizabeth Bement ’50) Eis and Edna (Bement ’52) Strobel received at Yankton College.

The Dr. Fritz A. Brink Scholarship-$1,000

The scholarship is granted in loving memory of Dr. Fritz A. Brink x’04 by Mrs. Elinor N. Brink, his beloved wife, who was very committed to higher education.  Brink joined the Florida Board of Health as a pathologist and established the first branch laboratory in Pensacola, FL.  He retired in 1946 after 30 years of service.

The Dr. Richard G. Sherman Scholarship-$1,000 

This scholarship is given by the Sherman family in memory of their beloved husband, father and grandfather.  Sherman graduated from Yankton College in 1941 with a major in history and a minor in English and avidly pursued a forty-year teaching career at both the high school and college levels


Four deserving students from Yankton High School receive Yankton College scholarships valued at $1,000 each in 2013.  

Establishing A Named Scholarship Endowment

In Perpetuity

The opportunity to provide a gift to Yankton College in your name or a loved one will truly make a difference in the lives of college-bound students and provide a legacy for generations to come.  A minimum pledge of $25,000 is an ideal contribution to help ensure the long-term sustainability of a named scholarship.  These charitable gifts are invested with professional fund managers selected for their expertise in various sectors of the market. 

Time Limited

These scholarships are set up by donations that are not large enough to generate interest to perpetuate them.  As many new scholarships will be given as the predetermined scholarship increment allows and as many annually as funding and the scholarship committee determines.  The donor(s) will determine the name of the fund in their name, in memory of a loved one or in the name of a special group. 

Establishing One-time Named Scholarship.pdf

For more information on applying for scholarships or establishing a named scholarship one-time or in perpetuity, contact Yankton College, phone toll-free: (866)665-3661 or email: